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Quarterly Report For The Period Ended 31 August 2017

Financials Archive

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Income Statements

AS AT 31 AUGUST 2017

Balance Sheet

Review of Group's Performance

Financial review for current quarter and financial year to date:

Income Statements

Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income

The Group's revenue for the period under review of RM146.677 million was higher by RM7.285 million, an increase of 5% as compared to the revenue in last year corresponding period of RM139.392 million. The increase in revenue was mainly contributed by the increase of export revenue to Myanmar, offset by the drop in local demand.

The Group recorded a higher profit before tax of RM52.123 million for the period under review, an increase of RM22.198 million (74%) from those of RM29.925 million in the last year corresponding period. This was mainly contributed by the improved margin for some subsidiaries which was in line with the increase in revenue and lower expenses incurred during the period under review. The favourable profit before tax for the period was also contributed by the increase in share of profit by 19% as compared to last year corresponding period.

The Group's other comprehensive income for the period under review was RM7.055 million, mainly consist of the foreign currency translations for overseas subsidiaries and associate.

Consolidated Statement of Financial Position

The Group's total assets as at 31 August 2017 was RM623.103 million, an increase of RM35.085 million as compared to last financial year ended 30 November 2016 of RM588.018 million. The increase was mainly contributed by the increase in cash and cash equivalents and increase of investment in an associate. During the period there was an additional investment in the associate, the Group's shareholding in the associate was still maintained at 49%, coupled with share of profit registered during the period.

The Group's total liabilities as at 31 August 2017 was RM41.492 million, increased by RM7.399 million as compared to last financial year ended 30 November 2016 of RM34.093 million. This was mainly due to increase in payables balances and current tax liabilities which were in line with the increase in revenues and profit.

The Group's total equity was registered at RM581.611 million, an increase of RM27.686 million as compared to last financial year ended 30 November 2016 of RM553.925 million.

The Group's net asset per share has increased from RM1.20 of last financial year ended 30 November 2016 to RM1.26, contributed by the increased earnings and assets during the period.

Consolidated Statement of Cash flow

The Group's cash and cash equivalents as at 31 August 2017 was RM132.248 million, recorded a net increase of RM28.788 million from RM103.459 million of cash and cash equivalents as at 30 November 2016.

The net cash from the operating activities was RM 45.664 million. The net cash used in the investing activities was RM3.076 million, mainly utilised for the additional investment of RM4.363 million in associate and capital expenditure of RM1.269 million, offset by the interest income received of RM2.587 million. The net cash used in financing activity was RM13.8 million, solely for the dividends paid to the shareholders of the Company.

Current Year Prospects

The current environment for our present business segments continues to be challenging due to economic uncertainties, the Group will continue its moves to revive the domestic market and at the same time explore the untapped markets in other countries in Asean.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Board is cautiously optimistic of its future prospects. The Group has plan in place to explore new opportunities by venturing into other business.

We also look forward to improving the contribution from the MLM segments especially from our Thailand and Myanmar markets in order to drive growth momentum for overall Indochina market once we materialise our plan to enter Cambodia and Laos market. The Group will continue to adopt rationalisation in our business operations. Besides, we will also continue with our effort to further contain cost and improve operational efficiency and productivity for our products to deliver a better financial performance in year 2017.

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